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Nature’s Way, Varicare, 90 Tablets

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Many people are concerned about the veins in their legs. Varicare® provides standardized herbal extracts that nutritionally support proper circulation and healthy veins in the legs.&;
  • Butcher's broom has a long history of use in Europe.

  • Horse chestnut escin has been shown to decrease capillary permeability by reducing the number and size of pores, which helps improve tone of vascular walls.&;

  • Gotu kola has shown in clinical studies to increase the integrity of the tissue that supports veins.&; Varicare contains Gotu kola Phytosome™ The Phytosome™ process ensures greater delivery, stability, and absorption.

The patented Phytosome™ technology, which combines one part standardized gotu kola extract with two parts phosphatidylcholine, dramatically improves absorption. Research indicates Phytosomes are absorbed more effectively than non-Phytosome products.&;

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