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Nature’s Way, Am/Pm Peri Menopause, 60 Tablets

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Nature’s Way

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What is Perimenopause?

Many women today have high estrogen levels due to stress, diet and environmental factors. When estrogen levels are high, often referred to as estrogen dominance, progesterone levels are low and this increases your need for hormone support. If you're in your 30s to early 50s, you may be feeling some symptoms caused by hormonal fluctuation. Though probably not in menopause yet, you may be experiencing a change in your periods, occasional hot flashes or flushing and mood swings. This stage of life is referred to as perimenopause, and this disruption in hormone levels can also cause restless sleep and lack of energy. All this can add up to a dragged-out feeling that makes it hard to get through the day. AM/PM Perimenopause Formula™ gives you day and night relief of perimenopausal symptoms.&;

AM Formula:

  • Black Cohosh for natural hormonal support and relief of occasional hot flashes and mood swings.&;
  • Green Tea for breast health, energy and weight management.&;
  • Chaste Berry for natural progesterone balance and relief of menstrual symptoms.&;
  • Rhodiola for concentration, mental alertness and endurance.&;

PM Formula:

  • Black Cohosh to offset hormonal fluctuations that can result in occasional night sweats.&;
  • Valerian and Hops for relaxation and deep sleep.&;
  • L-Theanine to alleviate nighttime muscle tension and promote restful sleep.&;

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