KN95 Mask, Individually Bagged, or Box of 50

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Kn95 Mask

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The N95 mask is one of the most common filtering face mask. This product filters at least 95% of airborne particles and is effective in helping prevent the spread of viruses from person to person according to the CDC. The comfortable elastic headband, adjustable nose bridge and single strap construction provide a secure fit (one size fits most faces). What are the differences between N95 and KN95 masks? The two masks are equivalent or nearly equivalent on the features that most people care about. Bottom line: N95's and KN95's are both rated to capture 95% of particles.


Mask Features:

  • Anti Virus

  • Dustproof

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Safe and breathable

  • Hypoallergenic, high filtration, capacity

  • Elastic ear-loops with no pressure to the ears

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