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Bach Flower, Empty Dropper Bottle, 1 Oz

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Empty Dropper Bottle

The Original 2 oz Bach Mixing Bottle for mixing your own selection of Bach Flower Remedies.

More than one Bach Flower Remedy may be suitable for your situation. If so, you can combine up to 7 remedies if necessary.

The pack contains one 2 oz mixing bottle with 4 labels for multiple use.

For multiple use it is important to ensure the bottle and pipette are cleaned in boiling water between preparations.

Suggested Usage

Once the remedy or combination of remedies has been chosen, add two drops of each chosen remedy into the mixing bottle (2 oz) containing still mineral water. Take 4 drops a minimum of 4 times a day until relief is obtained.

A mixing bottle will usually last three weeks, at which point it is useful to reconsider your choice of remedies to see whether the same ones still apply.

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