Women’s Hormone Balance is Dependent on Nitric Oxide


Gender roles create different expectations and behaviors in men and women that affect chronic disease incidence and outcomes, including tobacco use, exercise and treatment-seeking. Women tend to be affected by chronic diseases at younger ages than men. Women typically live longer than men but do so with greater disability and less social protection than men.

As daughters, sisters, and informal workers; women are often the main and long-term health-care providers for those that suffer with chronic disease. This in turn, puts an additional burden and stress on them that can lead to the onset and/or faster progression of disease. The women in our lives are constantly balancing their careers and household duties, often putting their health and well-being on the back-burner as a result.

This comes with consequences. There are sources of toxicity in the world we live in that disrupts hormone balance and affects our vascular health.

Hormone balance helps regulate and control specific physiological responses. As our endothelial health suffers, we cannot make sufficient nitric oxide. Without adequate hormone balance and good circulation, health begins to decline, symptoms develop and women are unable to keep up their normal pace of life.



One of the first symptoms to appear in women is female sexual arousal disorder. Female sexual arousal disorder is the persistent/recurring decrease in sexual desire or arousal, diminished vaginal lubrication, difficulty/inability to achieve an orgasm and feeling of pain during intercourse.

In 1978, more than 76% of women reported some symptom of sexual dysfunction. Today some reports show 18-76% of women have some form of inhibited orgasms. Sexual arousal and orgasm is an exquisite and finely controlled process. There must be an increase in vaginal blood flow leading to clitoral engorgement, labial engorgement and vestibular bulb engorgement.

The graph below shows the time course and hemodynamics of a normal orgasm.




As you can see from the graph, the first step in this process in an increase in blood volume. Nitric oxide is required to dilate the blood vessels that can lead to increased blood volume. Without nitric oxide production, the other events and increase in pressure cannot and will not occur. Consequently, women become anorgasmic.



Although this is a condition that causes many problems in relationships, if not corrected can lead to more serious consequences such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even heart attack and stroke.

Sexual dysfunction is linked to cardiovascular disease in both men and women. Women with sexual dysfunction have a higher incidence of atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease and hypertension. In one report, 87% of middle-aged women with heart failure reported some degree of sexual dysfunction earlier in life that preceded the heart failure.

If you can’t regulate and control blood flow to the sex organs, then you cannot regulate and control blood flow to any other organ such as the brain, heart, kidney, lungs, liver or endocrine tissue.

When you lose the ability to produce nitric oxide, we call this endothelial dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction is the first event in the onset and progression of all human disease.

Every organ tissue and cell in the body is supplied with endothelial cells of the blood vessels. If endothelial cells are dysfunctional then every organ they serve will become dysfunctional.



Now that I have your attention, learn how to restore NO production and restore endothelial function.
1. Stop using mouthwash
2. Stop using fluoride toothpaste
3. Stop using antacids
4. Stop eating high carbohydrate meals
5. Stop using sunscreen
6. Start exercising
7. Start eating more green leafy vegetables
8. Start supplementing with nitrate or a nitric oxide product
9. Start getting at least 30 minutes of direct sunlight per day
10. Start drinking good clean filtered water everyday (at least 2 quarts per day)

These ten steps here will change your life and actually save you money.

We only have one life to live. Women work harder than anyone and typically carry the stress of the entire family. We have to nurture and support the women of the world, especially those most special to us.

Most women do not like to talk about sex, especially sexual problems they may be having. However these issues point to a much bigger problem that can lead to debilitating disease later in life. If you think sexual dysfunction is normal or just part of the aging process, then you are trivializing a serious condition. Talk about this. Take steps to improve your blood flow through nitric oxide and everything will work better. Better than that, you will live a long and productive life.

We only have a short time here on Earth. We must make the most of it. We cannot live our true potential if our health is not optimal.



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