Proud to Carry Bluebonnet Vitamins

Proud to Carry Bluebonnet Vitamins

Proud to Carry Bluebonnet Vitamins

We are proud to include Bluebonnet Vitamins among the many quality products we carry.

Bluebonnet Vitamins from Bluebonnet Nutrition are the result of a commitment to using real nutrients and keeping up with the latest scientific advances. “We work directly with growers, farmers and suppliers to ensure you and your family will get the best whole food ingredients possible,” the company says. 

Bluebonnet Vitamins are verified to be:

  • USDA Organic – that means they are produced using methods that have been approved because they protect natural resources and conserve biodiversity. Certification that the criteria of the USDA’s National Organic Program have been met comes from the Texas Department of Agriculture. 
  • Non-GMO Project Verified – You may recognize the seal with the little butterfly which is seen on products that have been evaluated – by a third-party technical administrator, no less – and determined to meet the Non-GMO Projects Standards for GMO avoidance. 
  • NSF Non-GMO Project – This certification indicates that products were not produced with generic engineering methods or materials according to the standards established by the NSF, which began life in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation and which has consistently pursued a mission to protect and improve human health.
  • Made with Non-GMO Ingredients - Bluebonnet products bearing this seal have been rigorously vetted by Bluebonnet’s internal Non-GMO verification program so that you will know that the product has been derived from sources that have not been genetically modified. 


You can feel even better about your Bluebonnet products because the company also: 

  • Supports fair trade and the promotion of worldwide nutrition
  • Provides products that have been certified Kosher under the KOF-K program


Here are just a few of the many Bluebonnet products we are proud to carry:

  • Natural Omega-3 Brain Formula – supplies high DHA vs EPA in a ratio that is scientifically relevant when it comes to supporting brain health.
  • Power Thought – a blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for overall brain health
  • Targeted Choice: Stress Relief - a whole-food-based formula designed to calm you and help your body deal with stress, whether it is emotional, physical or mental. 

For more information about Bluebonnet Vitamins and the other amazing products we carry from brands such as BodyHealth, Carlson Labs, Miaderm, Rainbow Light and more, contact us.

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