Feel Your Best: 5 Ways To Remain Fit & Active While Quarantining At Home

Feel Your Best: 5 Ways To Remain Fit & Active While Quarantining At Home

Feel Your Best: 5 Ways To Remain Fit & Active While Quarantining At Home

If you’re starting to feel restless during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re certainly not alone. The entire country is under orders to socially distance themselves until the end of April, meaning that we can’t return to business as usual for at least the next several weeks. We know these necessary measures may be burdening you and your family in numerous ways, and it’s challenging not doing your normal work, school, and social activities. But we’re all in this together, and there are definitely ways you can support your health during this experience. Many people are concerned about their fitness and activity levels while quarantining at home. Despite gyms and fitness studios being closed, there are definitely ways you can stay fit and active, while quarantining at home.

Create a new morning routine

Mornings may look a little different, now that you’re quarantining at home. You may be waking up later, and have less of a structure than you’re used to. In order to get an energized start to your day, come up with a new morning routine that works for you. This may involve setting an alarm for a certain time, enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a book, or doing some gentle stretching. Find a routine that works for your new lifestyle, and stick to it every day. This will help you get out of bed, and allow you to move through your day with a clear head.

Get sweating every day

Just because your gym or yoga studio is closed doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Go for a walk or run outside if you’re able to, or set up a small workout space in your home. There are plenty of resources available online, if you need help crafting your own workout routine. Whether your beginner or advanced, there are countless at-home fitness routines you could try. From kickboxing to dancing, there’s definitely something for everyone to try at home.

Keep track of what's on your plate

More time at home means more access to the fridge and the snack pantry. Make sure you’re sticking to your typical eating habits, even though you may be closer to the ice cream throughout the day. This may involve taking new steps, such as preparing and portioning your meals in advance, for example. But the effort will be worth it, and you’ll feel like your best self if you’re fueling your body properly. And if you’ve been looking to change your eating habits, now may be the perfect time to start. With extra time at home, you may find you have extra time to cook and prepare the meals you’ve been wanting to eat.

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