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PS complex aids brain cell function and reduces age-related mental decline. With age normal brain and nerve cell activity may decline due to diminished neurotransmitter and brain cell function. Phosphatidyl Serine assists in regulating membrane transfer of nutrients an neurotransmitters necessary for proper mental function. PS can provide relatively quick benefits especially to mature adults who are experiencing age related mental decline.
Recommended Daily Dosage
Take one capsule three times daily with water at mealtimes for one month. Follow by a maintenance dose of one or two capsules daily with water at mealtimes. Benefits fade away within about a month if you stop using the product.
The following list is for serving size of 1 softgel
Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA
Capric Acid 51 mg 0%
Caprylic Acid 120 mg 0%
Linoleic Acid 10 mg 0%
Linolenic Acid 85 mg 0%
Oleic Acid 15 mg 0%
Palmitic Acid 27 mg 0%
Phosphatidylcholine 45 mg 0%
Phosphatidylinositol 5 mg 0%
Phosphatidylserine 100 mg 0%
Phosphatidylthenolamine 10 mg 0%
Phosphorus 8 mg 0.8%
Potassium (aspartate, chloride) 3 mg 0%
Stearic Acid 6 mg 0%
Other Ingredients
Gelatin, Glycerin
Synergistic Products
Gotu Kola
Lecithin Concentrate
Neuromins DHA
Quality Issues
Free of common food allergens; contains no yeast, milk, lactose, wheat, sugar or corn.
Usage Warnings
In rare case, large doses (200 mg or higher per single dose) can lead to nausea when taken on an empty stomach, due to its stimulation of dopamine release. Taking PS with meals alleviates this problem. Taking PS just before going to bed may delay falling asleep.
Product Q&A
What is PS?
PS is the abbreviation for Phosphatidylserine. It is an important component of all cell membranes, located in the inner surface of the plasma membrane. The supplement was formerly produced from bovine brain tissue, but it is now produced from plant materials.
Why is PS necessary for cell function?
PS is essential to the functioning of all cells in the body, but is most concentrated in the brain. It improves all cell functions, but especially nerve transmitter release and synaptic activity.
Why do athletes use PS?
The body produces a hormone, cortisol, when it is under stress. Athletes produce cortisol when working out; PS suppresses cortisol production, thus increasing stamina and workout time.

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