Natures Way - Fennel Seed 100 Caps

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Description: Encapsulated Fennel seed carefully screened to assure potency, purity and quality.
Usage: Fennel seed is historically used to aid digestion and sweeten the breath.
Recommended Daily Dosage: Take one capsule two to three times daily with water at mealtimes.
The following list is for serving size of 1 capsule
Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA
Fennel Seed 480 mg 0%
Other Ingredients: Gelatin
Synergistic Products
Gastritix Formula
Quality Issues: High fatty oil content. Mildest of all G.I. distress herbs.
Additional Information: Fennel is perhaps the safest of all carminative herbs and can be used frequently even by children and the elderly without harmful or unpleasant side effects.
Usage Warnings: Excellent for infants when given as a diluted tea.

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