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Scullcap 100 Caps- Natures Way

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Natures Way

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Encapsulated Scullcap herb tested and found in accordance with Nature's Way's exacting quality standards.
Scullcap is found in many nighttime supplements in Europe. Nature's Way includes it in the popular Silent Night Herbal Formula. Scullcap is considered the best general nerve tonic of all the nervine herbs. It is often used as a leader or "directing" herb in nerve formulas.
Recommended Daily Dosage
Take two to six capsules daily as needed or prepared as a tea.
The following list is for serving size of 2 capsules
Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA
Scullcap 850 mg 0%
Other Ingredients
Synergistic Products
St. John's Wort
Vitamin B-Stress

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