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Natures Way - Ginger 180 Caps

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Description: Encapsulated Ginger root with a guaranteed natural potency of 1.5% essential oil, mainly gingerol and shogaol.
Usage: Ginger root eases the discomfort associated with travel and stimulates digestion to promote gastrointestinal comfort.
Recommended Daily Dosage: Take two capsules two to four times a day with water at mealtimes. The dosage can be repeated on a short-term basis for colds, and warming during chills.
The following list is for serving size of 2 capsules
Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA
Ginger 1.1 g 0%
Other Ingredients: Gelatin
Synergistic Products
Melissa (Lemon Balm)
Quality Issues: Product Quality Issues: Ginger is one of the top ten single herbs.
Usage Warnings: Those who suffer from gallstones should consult their healthcare practitioner before using Ginger.


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