Natures Way - Hawthorn 100 Caps

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Description: Encapsulated Hawthorn berries, wild grown to ensure traditional nutrients.
Usage: Hawthorn Berries support efficient heart function. As a dietary supplement, Hawthorn berries are intended for use as part of a total program of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to promote cardiovascular health. Hawthorn contains bioflavonoid complexes that help to improve circulation to the heart muscle. Hawthorn berries are historically popular in Europe as a cardio tonic.
Recommended Daily Dosage: Take two or three capsules three times daily with water at mealtimes or prepared as a tea. Best results are obtained with continuous use. This dosage provides 3,060-4,590 milligrams of Hawthorn berry daily.
The following list is for serving size of 3 capsules
Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA
Hawthorn Berry 1.53 g 0%
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate
Synergistic Products
CoQ10 (100 mg)
Garlicin HC
Reishi, Extract
Vitamin E
Quality Issues: One of the most reliable of all cardiac tonics although it is slow acting as a long-term cardiac support.

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