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Terry Naturally, BosMed Respiratory Support, 60 Softgels

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Terry Naturally

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BosMed Respiratory Support features a combination of strong herbal ingredients—including clinically studied BosPure® Boswellia—that work with the body’s own pathways and immune system responses to support healthy lung function without drowsiness or jitters.* It’s available exclusively from Terry Naturally® as one of the BosMed™ family of supplements.

Recommended for:

• Healthy bronchial, lung, and sinus function – a non-drowsy, non-jittery option
• A healthy immune response – with overall support for optimal health*
• A safe and effective choice for daily use or when needed most—ingredients like no other!

A specialized boswellia is combined with supercritical CO2 extracts that concentrate and preserve the beneficial compounds from these botanicals:

• Ravintsara is a long-trusted botanical ingredient from Madagascar, supports immune system health and clear, open bronchial airways. While a common ingredient for aromatherapy, this specialized oil extract for internal use is a rare find and perfect for healthy lung support.*

• Myrtle supports clear bronchial function and the body’s own immune system response. Like the other supercritical CO2 extracts in this formula, the myrtle leaf oil has concentrations of key compounds for strong respiratory benefits.*

• Thyme has been a favorite traditional herb for generations and has been well-studied for its support of healthy lung function, clear bronchial passages and strong, overall immune health.*