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Pioneer, Cal Mag Veg 1000/500mg, 90 Vegetarian Capsules

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Calcium Magnesium Bone Protein & Trace Mineral Complex
pioneer Calcium/Magnesium Bone Protein & Trace Mineral Complex is a unique and potent calcium formula designed by holistic clinicians to help build and maintain bone mass.
Calcium/Magnesium has long been pioneer'S top-selling formula, and for good reason! To begin with, it contains effective levels of two premium calcium forms, micro crystalline hydroxyapatite and calcium citrate malate, both of which have been clinically proven to help rebuild bone mass.
This exceptional pioneer formula is held in high regard by healthcare professionals and industry specialists alike. Many consider it to be far and away the finest, most effective and most complete calcium supplement available.
Calcium/Magnesium Bone Protein & Trace Mineral Complex helps to provide a superior foundation for good, stable bone health, especially when taken with a high quality multivitamin/mineral such as pioneer 1+Vitamin/Mineral, and in conjunction with daily exercise, and a low fat, low protein, natural foods diet rich in dark green vegetables.

Consider These Advantages:
1. Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite. (MCH) This superb ingredient comes from freeze-dried, whole bovine bone. Unlike bone meal (ashed bone) or any other calcium source, MCH retains the natural ratios of all of the micro-nutrients, bone matrix proteins and other organic constituents of healthy bone. In addition to increasing bone density, MCH has been shown to be well-absorbed, well-tolerated and non-toxic. pioneer uses only pure hydroxyapatite from naturally raised New Zealand cattle. Unlike some domestically produced MCH, the New Zealand product is free of herbicide and pesticide residues, toxic levels of lead and other heavy metals. In addition, both New Zealand and Australia have earned Non-CFR Disease Recognition by the USDA, meaning they are free of scrapie, a livestock disease that is the presumed vector of BSE. Although New Zealand MCH is more costly than the North American equivalent, its comparative freedom from dangerous contaminants makes it our preferred choice for this formula. (Results of tests for microbiological and heavy metal contaminants, as well as copies of government statements regarding scrapie and BSE are available from pioneer upon request.)
2. Calcium Citrate Malate. This fully-reacted, composite chelate exhibits about ten times the solubility of calcium citrate alone. When the calcium becomes separated from its chelates during the digestive process, the citrate and malate become available for use in energy production within cells.
3. Magnesium. The role of magnesium in enhancing calcium utilization is well-known. pioneer Calcium/Magnesium uses highly absorbable, fully-reacted magnesium aspartate and amino acid chelate, as well as oxide. Using multiple sources enables the magnesium to be absorbed by numerous pathways, enhancing overall bioavailability.
4. Vitamin D3. Proper calcium utilization depends on the presence of vitamin D. Of the many forms available, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) - the form that most closely resembles the vitamin D our bodies synthesize in response to sunlight - has been shown to be the most well-absorbed. pioneer Calcium/ Magnesium uses vitamin D3 derived from pure lanolin.
5. Boron. Research indicates that boron supports efficient metabolism and utilization of the bone nutrients vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Boron has been shown to inhibit urinary loss of the above bone minerals, and prevent bone demineralization.
6. Trace Mineral Complex & Bone Matrix Proteins. Healthy bone structure depends on a wide number of minerals and proteins. One of the great advantages of microcrystalline calcium hydroxyapatite is that it provides both a superior form of calcium and a comprehensive, naturally well-proportioned array of numerous additional bone minerals and proteins.
7. True Full-Disclosure Labeling. All ingredients, their forms, and ratios are fully disclosed on the label of every pioneer product. Read the label!

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: Bottles of 60 or 120 Tablets

Amount Per Serving - % Daily Value
Take With Meals.
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)150 IU37%37.5 IU9%
Calcium (1:1 microcrystalline hydroxyapatite: citrate malate)1000 mg...100%250 mg25%
Phosphorus (from freeze-dried bovine bone)250 mg25%62.5 mg6%
Magnesium ..31% (1:1:1 aspartate:amino acid chelate oxide)500 mg...125%125 mg.
Matrix Proteins (from freeze-dried bovine bone).440 mg110 mg .
Trace Mineral Complex (from freeze-dried bovine bone)210 mg52.5 mg ...
Boron (1:1:1 aspartate:glycinate:citrate) 3 mg0.75 mg ...

Other ingredients: cellulose, silica, vegetable magnesium stearate. Contains no gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, eggs or dairy, no added preservatives, colors or flavors, and no toxic levels of aluminum, lead or other heavy metals. Natural manufacturing agents only.