7 Ways You Can Improve Your Sleep, Starting Tonight

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7 Ways You Can Improve Your Sleep, Starting Tonight

Sleep is one of the most vital parts of our health and wellbeing, and it plays very specific roles in our health. The way you feel during your waking hours is directly related to how well you are sleeping, and how much, and it’s responsible for things like healthy brain function, your weight, hormone regulation, hunger levels, and growth.

Nearly everyone knows what it’s like to not get enough sleep, and sometimes, it can feel like sleep is out of our control. If you’re looking to turn your sleep routine around, and fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up fresher, there are plenty of natural methods you can try, to help you get the rest you need and deserve.

1. Create a nighttime routine

You know that feeling when you lay down for the night but still feel restless? Maybe you have endless thoughts racing through your head, or you feel hyper.

Creating and maintaining a nighttime routine may be exactly what you need to wind down for the evening. You can come up with a custom routine that works for you, like stopping cell phone use an hour before bed, reading a book for 20 minutes, or having a cup of tea curled up on the sofa.

2. Make sure you’re not sleeping too much, or at the wrong times

In order to get your best night’s sleep, it’s important to support your body every way you can, and that means supporting your natural sleep-wake cycles. For example, taking naps during the day may be doing more harm than good, and the same goes for over sleeping in the morning.

Working with your body’s natural cycles will help you improve your sleep at night.

3. Make sure you’re moving

There is a proven connection between exercise and sleep quality. Even just 10 short minutes of light cardio can potentially help you sleep better at night.

But these benefits tend to hold true for those who exercise regularly, and can take months of regular exercise to actually take effect. So get into a regular exercise routine, to help your body feel its most well-rested.

4. Watch your diet before bed

What you eat and drink in the evening can definitely play a role in your sleep. For example, caffeine, nicotine, and even alcohol can all interfere with your sleep cycle. And the effects may be more prolonged than you realize- for example, caffeine can cause sleep disruptions for up to 12 hours after drinking.

Foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates can also potentially interfere with your sleep cycle.

5. Find ways to unwind

Taking your stress into bed with you will definitely interfere with your ability to sleep, so it’s important to find ways to unwind and destress. Spending time in nature is proven to have many relaxing benefits on the body, for example.

A yoga or meditation practice can also be beneficial to unwinding, and even a basic breathing exercise could go a long way in helping you sleep better and waking up feeling more refreshed.

6. Set yourself up for success

Where you sleep, and what that environment is like, will play a big role in the quality of your sleep. For example, street lights, loud noises, discomfort, and other distractions may inhibit your ability to sleep well.

In order to maximize the quality of your sleep, set yourself up for success by taking control of your sleeping environment. You can use earplugs or a sound machine if you’re in a loud environment, get blackout curtains to reduce light, and make sure your bed is comfortable and that you don’t wake up with any aches and pains.

7. Integrate sleep supplements into your diet

Here at HiLife Vitamins, we’re committed to helping you achieve your optimal health, and offer thousands of vitamins and supplements to help you get there. As far as sleep is concerned, there are countless vitamins and supplements you can turn to, to naturally aid your body as it sleeps.

One of our favorites right now is Bodyhealth, Healthy Sleep Ultra, 60 Capsules. It’s specifically designed to help the body’s calming hormones and neurotransmitters, which promote restorative sleep. This unique formula helps your brain calm down and can even help manage stress and anxiety.

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