Making the Most of a Men’s Multivitamin

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Are you familiar with men’s special health needs? There are many strategies—beginning with diet and a quality multi—that can help men achieve optimal wellness.

Making the Most of a Men’s Multivitamin

Here’s an obvious statement: men’s health needs are different than women’s. But knowing what support is needed at each stage of life is not so simple. Either way, it all begins with proactive health strategies.


Focus on a healthy diet is key. Unfortunately, because of depleted soil, food processing, and the prevalence of (and sometimes reliance on) fast foods and convenience foods, it can be hard for men to get all of the nutrients they need from diet alone. That’s why a targeted men’s multivitamin-mineral formula can be so helpful. A high-quality multivitamin mineral supplement recommended by a healthcare professional can fill the gaps in a man’s diet.


Here are some factors to consider when choosing a multivitamin-mineral for men:

  • Avoid products with synthetic ingredients, additives, and fillers.

  • Be sure it is comprehensive and contains adequate amounts of all key vitamins and minerals.

  • Avoid nutrient megadoses

  • Look for ingredients like zinc, lycopene, vitamin D, methylfolate and CoQ10 which men require but may not be consuming enough from diet alone.


Men’s nutrient needs change according to age, activity level and health status. And there are many strategies—beginning with a healthy diet and an appropriate multivitamin—that can help men make the most of a healthy, active life. 



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