4 Self-Care Practices: How to Stay Mindful and Safe Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

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How to Stay Mindful and Safe Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak 

The coronavirus pandemic has led to many concerns for physical health and wellness, and many changes in the way we live our lives. And there’s one big side effect of all of these concerns and changes: harm to our mental health and wellbeing.

A majority of people acknowledge that the coronavirus pandemic is taking some sort of toll on their mental wellbeing, and it’s no mystery why. Some of the most basic things we do for enjoyment, like meeting in groups, going to the gym, or going on vacation, have been taken away from us. Not to mention the major shifts in our careers, with working from home now the new standard.

With all of these factors up against us, it’s important to make time for self-care practices, to stay mindful and safe amid the coronavirus outbreak.

  1. Take time to disconnect from work

A majority of us are now working from home in some capacity, and this has presented a whole host of new challenges. It may feel like you’re always on the clock, since you are essentially always in your workspace, and it may be difficult to both mentally and physically disconnect from work for the day.

To stay mindful and safe during this coronavirus pandemic, make sure you take time to completely disconnect from your work. This may mean coming up with a hard stop time, when you’re done for the day.

You should also take care not to just mindlessly check emails or do work in the evenings, when you wouldn’t normally. Also, if possible, find ways to break up your work day.

If you can, get on a walk around the neighborhood during your lunch break, away from your screens, or take short stretch and tea breaks. Because our work and home lives are now intertwined, it’s crucial you intentionally carve out time to disconnect.

  1. Find ways to stay active

Many of our standard fitness routines have been turned upside down. Gyms and group fitness classes are limited, if they’re available in your area at all. And for many people, going to work out in a group environment may not be the best option during this time.

In order to stay mindful and safe during this pandemic, come up with new ways to stay active that you can work into your daily routine. This is especially important if you’re moving less while working from home.

To do this, find an activity that you enjoy, which you can easily do anywhere. Yoga and pilates can be gentle and low-impact, and can easily be done from home.

Running, biking, and walking around your neighborhood is also a great option. No matter what you do, make sure you find ways to stay active.

  1. Practice mindful eating

No matter what kind of diet you follow, now has definitely been a challenging time to stay on track. Not only are we working from home (meaning closer to the fridge), but many people are experience mood shifts, which can lead to emotional eating.

In order to take best care of your body, practice mindful eating. This can be done with any diet, and simply means that you’re very aware and conscious while you’re eating, and listening to your body’s signals.

So, don’t eat lunch while at the computer for work, or munch on snacks while staring at the TV. Instead, when you’re eating, only focus on your food, eat slowly, and listen to when your body starts to tell you it’s full.

  1. Take advantage of health and wellness boosters

When you’re trying to prioritize your health, and put your self-care first, you should tap into every tool at your disposal. There are plenty of ways you can boost your health and wellness, using different tools and tricks.

For example, vitamins and supplements are an easy way to maximize your self-care efforts, and keep your body healthy for the long run. If you’re looking to protect your immune system and promote a powerful immune response, try Immune Senescence Protection Formula from Life Extension.

This supplement includes powerful mushroom extracts, which restore a healthy immune cell helper-to-suppressor ratio, and rejuvenate the aging immune response. This supplement by Life Extension, and plenty of others can help stay mindful and safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

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